Make nearly anything that you do in your browser faster & easier.

And extend it to make just about anything that you want to do...possible.

Sound good? Read on.

Command Your Internet

Pixsy provides you with a rapidly growing, extensible application library that you can access with a simple, powerful command syntax.

Simple and Efficient

Eliminate unnecessary keystrokes and clicks

Shorten the path to the information that you need. Condense clicks and lengthy typing into simple, short command sequences to accomplish common tasks. With several characters you can replace an entire series of unnecessary navigation maneuvers.

Fast and Powerful

Designed from the ground up
for speed

The built-in library includes commands for hundreds of common tasks that you can use 'out of the box'. They were designed to be the fastest way to accomplish the task at hand. Need to do something that Pixsy doesn't (currently) support? You can build your own third party extensions to the command library. These extensions run locally on your system to wring out every possible unnecessary millisecond of your time.

Flexible and Extensible

Want It, Build It,
Use It

Pixsy provides you with a platform to test and deploy your own local or remote application backend. Use any programming language that you'd like. Script a command to your backend code, pass parameters, the works. Rapidly develop your own personal API and let Pixsy take care of the frontend lifting.

Like a scalpel among broadswords

Todd Silverstein, CEO,

It's Free. Gratis. Nada.

As in lunch... and beer.

And there's a little something for everyone...


  • Finger peck something in the box, click submit, and go.
  • No need to know nothin' certified.

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Everyday Users

  • 100+ built-in commands for common tasks.
  • Command options available that expand the total number of built-in tasks well into the hundreds.
  • Over 800 built-in quicklinks to common websites. Eliminate your bookmarks for common sites.
  • Use Pixsy commands on your mobile devices and avoid typing on miniature keypads.

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  • Use commands from the Chrome Omnibox on any webpage with the Pixsy Chrome extension.
  • Script your own commands for anything with a URL
  • Pass parameters from the command box
  • Create an alias for any built-in command + option sequence
  • Use the built-in editor to create scripts, or use your favorite text editing application and import the local settings file.
  • Save your script file on a remote file sync server (e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive) and import into Pixsy from any browser

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  • Build a 300 command personal API in 6 different programming languages using every developer API key that you own.
  • Pass 28 parameters to your backend code from the command line. Hey, don’t hate. You make complex stuff.
  • Stick your intensive processing tasks on a machine that can handle them and access the returned data with one of the available Pixsy views. While you generally stay true to your fixed width terminal font 80x40 frame roots, sometimes a change is easier on the eyes.
  • Let your friends know about the stuff that you develop. They can add it to their own command scripts and use it from Pixsy too.
  • Create a public extension git repository and let complete strangers dive into your code. Toss your application up on a service like Google App Engine, Heroku, or Nodejitsu and post the URL where it can be accessed. Now the world can use your application with Pixsy.
  • Contribute to the open source built-in Pixsy library backend so that all users can benefit from your coding skills (coming soon!)

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