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Current version: 0.5.11

Get Help for Any Pixsy Command at the Command Line

Type the option -help with any Pixsy command for a description and full list of the available options (e.g. .google -help)

You Can Extend Pixsy with Your Own Commands

Pixsy can be extended with commands that you develop and you can use them just like built-in commands. They run locally on your computer and are faster (because there is no network communication) than the built-in commands. View the User Command documentation for more information.

Command Function

Command Codes

Acronym Search


Airbnb Search


Amazon Search


Ask.com Search


A to B Direction Search


Baidu Search


Bing Search


Blekko Search


Blinkx Search


Blog (Pixsy)


Calendar (add event)


Changelog (Pixsy)


Commands (Pixsy command list)


Dailymotion Search


Definition (of a word)


deviantArt Search


DHL Package Tracking


DNS Server Settings


Documentation (Pixsy)


DuckDuckGo Search


Ebay Search


8Tracks Search




Etsy Search


Facebook Search


Fedex Package Tracking


4Shared Search


File Search


Filestube Search


500px Search


Flickr Search


Gogobot Search


Google Search


Google Flights Search


Google Images Search


Google Play Store Search


Google Plus Search


Grooveshark Search


Help (Pixsy)


Hipmunk Search


HTML, View Source


Hulu Search


IMDb Search


Instagram Search


isoHunt Search


iTunes Search


Jetsetter Search


Kayak Search


Kick Ass Torrents Search




Last.fm Search


LinkedIn Search


Local Radio Search


Map Generator


Marine Weather


Metacafe Search


Mobile Webpage View for URL


MOG Search


Netflix Search


Pandora Search


Part Of (part of search term)


Password Generator


Ping (an IP address)


Pinterest Search


Pirate Bay Search




Quicklinks (Pixsy quicklinks list)


Rdio Search






Rhyme (find word that)


Rotten Tomatoes Search


Scribd Search


Source Code Search


Songza Search


Stack Overflow


Startle Forbes Travel Guide Search


Syntax Guide (Pixsy)




Topsy Search


Torrentz.eu Search


TouristEye Search


Traceroute (IP address)


TripWolf Search


Tumblr Search


Tutorials (Pixsy)


TV Episodes




Twitter Search and RSS Feeds


Type Of (type of search term)


UPS Package Tracking


Urban Dictionary Search


URL Decoding


URL Encoding


URL Expander


URL Shortener


Vayable Search


Vimeo Search


Weather Forecast


Weatherspark Weather


Webpage, Load Time


Webpage, Server Down Test


Wikipedia Search


Wikiquote Search


Wikitravel Search


Wiktionary Search


Wind (Coastal/Marine)


Wolfram Alpha Search


Weather Underground Weather


Yahoo Search and Directories


Yandex Search


YouTube Search